Don’t be lenient

मा एवं विभो असुराणां ते प्रदेयः पद्मासम्भव | वरः क्रूरनिसर्गाणामहीनाममृतम यथा || SrI madbhAgavataM, 7.10.30 ||

In the above verse, bhagavAn SrI viShNu is advising and instructing SrI brahmA not to give away boons to demons, as it is like giving amRtaM or nectared milk to violent and venomous serpents.

The seventh canto of SrImadbhAgavataM is about prahlAda mahArAj – how bhagavAN saves him, in the form of narasimha avatAra, from all the cruelties of hiraNyakaSipu, his father. He gets rid of him who has put all good people who believed in VishNu or vedic principles to torture.

Symbolically the story goes as follows. HiraNyakaSipu’s younger brother is hiraNyaaksha. Both are sons of diti. All the names are very meaningful. diti is one who is in duality and is not non-dual. Hence all sons of diti are called daityas who are demons. Demons are those, who are into duality – believers vs non-believers; heaven vs hell; only our style and faith is correct and all others are wrong, they are sinners. They used to worship brahmA in the early days, who is very lenient and hence obliges hardworking demons with whatever boons they ask for. At the same time, they hate SrI mahAviShNu. This is the dualistic mentality of demons. We see today this duality as the mentality of abrahmic religions, who believe only Jesus or Allah is the God and none else.

Just because water is called jalaM in samskRtaM or neeru in telugu or tanneer in tamizh or paani in Hindi is it not Water, which is how it is called in English?

Just because Water is taken out of wells or stored in mud pots for cooling in one civilization, while in another civilization it is carried in leather bags, is it not Water anymore? Does it become venom?

Each geographical regions/countries have different regional languages and hence call the same concept of God by different names and worship him differently based on native cultural practices. That doesn’t make anyone of these worshipers Sinners if they worship in a different manner, as long as they too are believing in God and worshiping Him. This basic common sense is missing in those religious guides and heads.

Coming back to symbolic meanings of the characters in the story, diti’s elder sister is aditi who is non-dualistic. Her sons are called Adityas or Gods (Good natured, inclusive, diversity-loving people.)

HiraNya is Gold. Elder one, Hiranyakasipu’s name means one covered by Gold. HiraNyaaksha means one with Golden eyes. That means he wants to see every thing Gold, while his elder brother even wants to wear Gold. They are highly materialistic in nature. They go to the extent of stealing it from anyone and to any extent and putting those who don’t submit themselves, to torture.

There is an interesting observation here. Both of them are sons of the same great kaSyapa prajApati, who is also the father of Adityas. Then why are daityas bad? They are conceived by diti at a wrong, non-conventional time. Hindu Sciences believe that one is formed based on when he is conceived. Hence, garbhAdAna is a samskAra in Hindu culture, in which conception is recommended at a prescribed auspicious time when all the affecting planets are in the right positions to yield good results, so that good, saatvika children are born. If children are conceived either accidentally, or unplanned, or only out of animal instinct based acts of Sex, probability of daityas being born are high. This could be one of the reasons for seeing so many daityas today in our society.

Since hiraNyaaksha steals vedas and puts mother earth to all troubles, she pleads bhagavAn’s help in rescuing her from hiraNyaaksha. He descends as varAha-avatAra and kills hiraNyAkSha. This hurts hiraNyakaSipu further and he builds feeling of revenge against SrI mahAviShNu, without realizing what mistakes his brother did, and that SrI mahAviShNu is God, the Supreme being. He does not believe in Him more so because He is invisible to our physical eyes. He keeps building hatred towards him.In order to have Him show up before him, he tortures all VaishNavAs (believers in God) and sAdhus.

When he goes to do tapas to seek boons of immortality from brahmA, Indra attempts to kidnap leelaavati, wife of hiraNyakaSipu, who is pregnant. Indra wants to kill the baby when he is born, with the belief that hiraNyakaSipu will anyways die doing that tapas, so that his entire enemy clan is decimated. But, nArada maharShi comes to the rescue, knowing very well that prahlAda mahArAj is in the womb and takes leelAvati to his Ashram, where he daily teaches all vedic principles to her, which prahlAda listens to and learns right from the womb. That is why our pregnant woman are told to be happy, hear, read and watch some good things related to God, so that the child inside has an impression of all this.

We know the rest of the story, how hiraNyakaSipu gets the boon from brahmA that almost no one can kill him. He asks for escape of death from various pairs of opposites like, day or night, inside or outside, ground nor air, living nor dead…

Inspite of that, only because he tortures even the greatest, highly knowledgeable, most humble, young devotee like prahlAda, SrI mahAviShNu takes narasimha avatAra which finds a loop hole from all those conditions and kills him in a manner which doesn’t satisfy any of those conditions. He kills him in the evening sandhya, which is neither day nor night; he kills him on the front door frame, which is neither inside nor outside the house; He kills him on His thighs, which is neither ground nor air; He pierces him with his nails/claws, which are neither living thing or dead.

The points to note here are: are we torturing people? Torture need not always be physical. Are we exploiting, abusing and hence exhausting natural resources and ruining bhUmAtA? If we see those tendencies, they are demonic and we should resist them.

We often see people being lenient in the name of excusing either out of unwanted magnanimity or feafulness. The supreme court has sentenced to hang Afzal Guru, who has master-minded the assault on the highest esteem of our Indian Constitution, the Parliament. But our heads like Pratibha Patil, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh are so lenient to take inaction and procrastinate any decision. Are we not encouraging and possibly welcoming more such attempts?

The only survivor of the Mumbai Taj massacre Terrorists, Kasab, also is not hung, if not in public, lest they should think twice before they even think about such an activity again. Again our head-trio PP, SG and MS don’t take any action.

Varanasi blasts – no serious investigation, the old Bombay train serial blasts – no serious investigations. Are these not encouraging demons?

So many scams in looting, siphoning public money, unaccounted. After consistent pressure, the accused have just resigned and are going out scott-free. What message are we passing? Encouraging demons?

While on the other hand, the only nationalistic, voluntary, traditional, non-profit organization, RSS and its network of organizations are being targeted by the Party and the Government, with no cases in hand though. Hence, it is just a reaction of insecurity. When a cat gets cornered, in the end it jumps out in trying to save itself. Similarly the Party and the Government is trying to attack its only ideologically strong, sincerely bold, philosophically audacious opponent, the RSS. Is this not what hiraNyakaSipu, hiraNyaaksha, rAvaNa, kamsa, naraka, jarAsandha and other such demonic kings have done?

They are all taken care of by SrI mahAviShNu, ofcourse. But, He always have asked all the Gods (good People) to side him as vAnarAs, lAngoolAs, Ruksha, gOpuchchukAs in tretA yuga, or as simple gopalas in dwApara. And now in kali yuga, the mantra is sanghe SaktiH kalou yuge. Hence, all like minded, good people should come together, transcending beyond the identifications of caste, region, religion, language or hobbies and fight these demonic rulers. We should sharpen ourselves as the right and best tools and instruments, so that when God descends to take care of them, we are ready to assist him in our best way.

For SrI mahAviShNu to help save Gods, they have always prayed unto him as follows:

त्वं गति: परमादेव सर्वेषां नः परांतप | वाधाय देवशत्रूणाम नृणां लोके मनः कुरु || vAlmIki rAmAyaNa 1.15.24 ||

सत्यमेव जयते


One Comment on “Don’t be lenient”

  1. Ayush says:

    Nice post. Prahlada’s character also proves that with the right samskaras in childhood Or in this case in the womb, even the putra of an Asura can become a great bhakta. As regarding to the Congress attempts to finish the RSS..I can only say ” VinAsha KAle vIparIta Budhi”; The Congress has lost base whenever it has attempted to target the Sangh.

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