Rama – a great Leader

Sri. UshaSri is an elderly, veteran writer on Hindu Scriptures and used to give discourses on AkAshavANi as well, in my childhood. He wrote books on rAmAyaNa. He used to answer questions in a column called “dharma sandehAlu.” swAti magazine recently started publishing this column again in their magazine.

One of the questions from a Subscriber was a simple oneliner: “Hanuman is said to be more powerful than Rama!?”

UshaSri is known to be very witty in his answers. He simply said, “It’s no big deal for a leader to have all dumb and less powerful people be under him as followers. It takes a great deal of a Leader to have even more powerful people than him do his bhajans.”

Sri Rama is one such divine Leader, who had several contemporaries of his, powerful than him, like Hanuman, Sugreeva, VibheeshaNa, his brothers Lakshmana, Bharta  etc. being his devotees. Sages like VaSiShTha, viSwAmitra, bharadwaja, gautama, agastya and several other RShis who were lot lot older than him also are his devotees, who eagerly look forward to worshipping him.


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