rAkhasas then and now are the same

I started studying daSama skandam of SrImad bhAgavatam, in preparation for my kAtha in IT Milans’ prAthamika SikshA varga on Dec 25th 2013 and found the following shlokas of 10.4 chapter very relevant, however sorrowful it is, even today:
the ministers and advisors of kamsa are instigating him the following after he regretted killing several children of devakI-vasudeva:
मूलम् हि विष्णु: देवानाम्, यत्र धर्मः सनातनः ।
तस्य च ब्रह्म-गो-विप्राः, तपः यज्ञः सदक्षिणः ॥ ३९ ॥
foundation of all Gods (good people) is viShNu, who lives where sanAtana-dharma is practised and vedas, cows and brAhmaNas (good people) live doing tapas and yajna with compensation.
तस्मात् सर्वात्मना राजन्, ब्राह्मणान् ब्रह्मवादिनः ।
तपस्विनः यज्ञशीलान्, गाश्च हन्मः हविर्दुग्धाः ॥ 40 ॥
So, rAja kamsa, we shall kill, in all aspects, all brAhmaNas (good people) who perform yajnAs (good activities) and the cows who feed milk from which the ghee is prepared to offer in yajnAs.
I can’t see more relevance than that happening in Kerala and tamilnadu, old city of HYD where they kill cows, kill good Hindu leaders (who are like brAhmaNas referred above.) They subtly and forcefully evacuate and takeover Hindu neighborhoods, by first moving in there and there by with their acts, force Hindu neighbors to get pissed off and move out.
विप्राः गावाः च वेदाः च, तपः सत्यम् दमः शमः ।
श्रद्धा दया तितीक्षा च, क्रतवः च हरेः तनुः ॥ ४१ ॥
because Hari’s body is: intellectuals, cows, vedAs, tapas, Truth, control of mind & senses, faith, mercy, tolerance and sacrifices, i.e. Bhagavan’s manifestation is in all the above qualities and beings and His enemies want to fight him by eliminating these.
Hence, I remember the prayer again by Gods to mahAviShNu in bAla kANDa which we all should pray everyday:
त्वम् गतिः परमा देव, सर्वेषाम् नः परन्तप ।
वधाय देव शत्रूणाम् नृणाम् लोके मनः कुरु ॥
You are the ultimate resort for us O God. Please put your mind towards us here, for the sake of killing ‘God-foes’ (enemies of Go[o]d people.) 
शुभम् भवतु । धर्मस्य जयोस्तु । अधर्मस्य नाशोस्तु ।

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