samudra-vasane-devi, pAda-sparSam kshamasva me

Long time back, I posted this article, but didn’t go out of my Drafts. Reposting it now.

I just saw another good initiative,

Heights of ignorance of the individuals in the society. With more and more processed and packaged food, we are generating lot of dry waste, but unfortunately mixing it up with wet-waste as well.

  • Try not to generate any wastage. don’t buy bottled/canned items. buy lose that you can carry in your own vessels/bags.
  • Be very cautious before you throw anything on the ground.
  • Diapers is one big wastage that can be avoided, unlike sanitary napkins of women. when the child is at home, he may not need a diaper. so, atleast, the diaper consumption can be reduced.

For the rest, separate out, as suggested into :
1. bio-waste, which can be composted;
2. recyclable waste
3. rest of the waste;

the city authorities should levy significant amount of fees/taxes on the third item to discourage people from generating/producing that waste.

Most of all, be a good Hindu which teaches:
1. everything belongs to God, so use it with care and caution as a trustee would expend the funds of a Trust.
2. samudravasane devi parvatastana-manDale, vishNupatnee namastubhyam paada-sparsham kshamasvame. A society which prays this daily begging pardon for just putting the feet on the earth, seeing her as Mother earth and Goddess earth; how can one dump trash into her? so, such conscious society will abuse/consume less and hence produce less trash.


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