prajA – children of the ruler

प्रजानां विनयाधानाद् रक्षणाद्भरणादपि।
स पिता पितरस्तासां केवलं जन्महेतवः॥ १-२४

This is the 24th shloka of the first sarga of raghuvamSam by mahAkavi kALidAsa. In this, he is describing various qualities of King Dileep in the shlokas before and after this. In this he says, “Orienting his subjects in good conduct, protecting them from fears or dangers, according succour with welfare facilities, king dilIpa became their de facto father while their actual parents remained parents de jure.”

The first part of the three qualities of a father is orienting his children in good conduct. Citizens are like children for the ruler, according to Hindu/bhArateeya traditions. How can such a father like ruler license liquor, pubs etc? Alright, even if you can’t stop them, atleast orient your subjects on what to do, what is good to do. Don’t shy based on western thought of secular democracy where the government need not interfere in personal lives of people.

Here is our new PM, who upon winning elections, the very next day, goes to Varanasi from where he contested, and addresses public. He says “I want to make Varanasi the ‘Spiritual Capital’ of the world.” For that, he says, “I have a dream and I want to start it from Kashi. But government can’t do it. You have to do it. By 2019, it will the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi, however never compromised on one thing. And that is cleanliness. While we praise Singapore for cleanliness, did any one of you see anyone littering out in Singapore? But, the same guy, even after offering worship in the temple, comes out and spits out, like a piston. Can we not start this project of cleaning up from Kashi?”

This is pitA. who is orienting his citizens to keep the city, premises and the country clean. He is a mentor.

This country is now blessed that it has chosen such a Leader, who, forget giving any freebies, is now shouldering the responsibility of keeping the country clean on the citizens. And he is also assuring them that such small steps only lead to big change and development.

jaya ho Sreemaan narendra-bhai. Fellow citizens, let’s live for the country and be responsible participants in the collective development of this nation.


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